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Let’s Meet Jesus

October 2012

Like a phoenix from the flames Let’s Meet Jesus arose from the ashes of old Kooba favourites, Elephant vs. Leopard, with a renewed sense of purpose & inspiration. Their live shows, in my humble opinion, are second to none & have to be seen to be believed.

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Image: Let’s Meet Jesus

Painted Lady – Malcfest Special

12 Rocktober 2012

The Painted Lady and her companions are here to take your through the highlights of this year's Malcfest, complete with an exclusive live track from our band of the month for Rocktober: Let's Meet Jesus!

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Image: Painted Lady – Malcfest Special

The Painted Lady Takes Control

07 November 2011

Hello, Painted Lady here. Welcome to the 2nd show of the new version of Kooba. We are all going to be taking a show each and this week is my show with my music.

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Image: The Painted Lady Takes Control