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Dingus Khan

September 2012

It was the inspired band name that first drew me to Dingus Khan. It sums up the music so well – a blend of namesake Genghis' ferocity and the silliness you would expect from something called Dingus.

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Image: Dingus Khan

Alex – Eggman

25 September 2012

Here is a sedate and chilled out post-festival show with Alex and Jonny on the metaphorical wheels of steel. Tune in to find out who has been chosen as September's band of the month.

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Image: Alex – Eggman

Alex – Kooba Radio In Colour

29 June 2012

This show brings the much anticipated new album from Nathan Persad, a new band of the month in the form of the mighty AMWWF and a double hit of rock from Dingus Khan and Ham Legion. We also chuckle our way though some hilarious shop names as supplied by our listeners.

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Image: Alex – Kooba Radio In Colour