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Christmas Special 2012

19 December 2012

Father Yeahmas and his elves are here to bring you the Christmas edition of The Kooba Show. This is also our threnultimate (one before penultimate) episode in which we play some festive tunes from the likes of MJ Hibbett and The Lucky Face plus a dip back into the archive for some favourite tracks from the last 10 years of the K Double O B A, including a few exclusive live numbers.

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Image: Christmas Special 2012

Band of the Year Results Show

January 2012

The time has finally come to reveal Kooba Radio's band of the year for 2011. This is a special time of your for us so pop on your headphones and join the fun as we count down through all 12 thoroughly fantastic nominees until the big reveal at the climax of the show, complete with champagne corks a-poppin and cigars a-smokin.

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Image: Band of the Year Results Show

Christmas Special: “The Pity Cracker”

21 December 2011

We love Christmas on Kooba. It's like our Halloween! It's also like our birthday, in as much as IT IS OUR BIRTHDAY! Yes, we lost track of how old we were for a while but after 2 years of being 7 years old we are now NINE YEARS OLD! Thanks to you, dear listener, for sticking with us for al that time! This one is for you. Enjoy! Merry Christmas, Joyeux Noel and Feliz Navidad!

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Image: Christmas Special: “The Pity Cracker”

Amateur Transplants

December 2011

The Amateur Transplants are Dr Adam Kay and Dr Suman Biswas, two sweary boozy musicians who gave up their prosperous medical careers as qualified doctors to sing puerile parody songs.

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Image: Amateur Transplants

The Mop Up

22 November 2011

Welcome to our first "Mop Up" show. This is our new end-of-the-month show in which we play some of the funnier songs that we have knocking around and generally have a chit chat about pop culture and general geek issues.

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Image: The Mop Up