... and Myles Show (2010-2011)

The End of Blooming Summer and Myles Show

October 2011


On this show

Well, there we are; October. Summer’s well and truly gone and autumn is about in full blast. In solidarity and sympathy with the northern hemisphere based Kooba Radio fans, On Air Myles has The End of Blooming Summer and Myles Show for you lovely Kooba listeners. It was recorded at the tail end of September and is chock full of music to delight and comfort, ranging from all over the UK to across the Atlantic to Brooklyn and from fresh new new tracks to a Lost Classic all the way back from the year 2000.So start wrapping up warm and enjoy The End of Blooming Summer and Myles Show.


The 286 – Beyond the World

For Abel – On TV

Captain Wilberforce – She’s My Kryptonite

Josh Edwards and The Language – On A Train In The Rain

The King’s Parade – Apple

Betaboy - Another Day

Peter Hickman – The Master

Balance Lost – Nouvelle Weegh

Pressure Kids – Monster

Grandpa Was A Lion – The Test Dream

[Lost Classic]
Ooberman – Golden Fall

Bill Davro – Winter Is Over

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