Jonny and Alex Show (2007-2011)

Ryan Giggs and Imogen Thomas

25 May 2011


On this show…

Jonny and the Sainted Painted one are a man down for this one – where could our compadre be?  Find out if they know and why they’re not talking.  This episodes name?  Yeah…yeah we were a bit late with that one… ho hum.  Plenty of freshness and originality in this one anyway.  We have a new Band of the Month, our Homework subject this month was “Getting Dressed/Undressed”.  We also have a report from Foxfest, and we spin a couple of bands from that big weekend.

Oh, yeah – and Jonny has found his old sound effects folder.  Will hilarity ensue?  You can be the judge of that.


Stagecoach - Jonah Lomu

The Girobabies - Backlash

BAK - The Search

Bad Buka - Stupid Cupid

I Am Austin - Stripper

Dana Jade - Little Sister

Dormant Figure - Dirty Looks

Lucky Face - John, You Always Get The Fit One

Professor Elemental - Fighting Trousers

Catford Tardis

Catford Tardis



It seems Professional Elemental is very good for 3yr-olds to dance to – VERY seriously indeed….


Would this dancing 3 year old be the same one who called our voice mail? We’ll play her little star turn on the next show.

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