Jonny and Alex Show (2007-2011)

Kooba Christmas Special 2007: Bugsy Malloy

December 2007


Bugsy Malloy: A Musical by People who Aren’t
By Alan Parker and Jonny Yeah
Based on an original idea by Claire “Gibbo” Gibb

Listen again to the 2007 Christmas Special, in which we give the Kooba treatment to Bugsy Malone, renamed Bugsy Malloy! This show features some astonishling good reworkings of the classic Bugsy tunes by bands from Kooba’s roster. Not to be missed!


Some time ago Claire Gibbo came up with the idea of taking Alan Parker’s classic gangster-children epic Bugsy Malone and remaking it in the image of Kooba. So, this Christmas, especially for you, that’s exactly what we did!

While Jonny sat at home toiling over the script Gibbo went out and recruited some of Kooba’s favourite bands to record the classic sing-along show tunes from the original films. All the bands displayed their considerable talents by taking the songs and giving them their own unique spin.

The result is a unique and at times hilarious collection of tracks stitched deftly together by Jonny’s amusing post-modern take on the original story of Bugsy.

Cactusk - Fat Sam’s Grand Slam

Porters - Blousey’s Song (live)

Ten Foot Nun - Bad Guys

Chuckles The Clown – My Name Is Tallulah

Blabbermouth - So You Want To be A Boxer

MJ Hibbett – Down And Out

Special Benny – Give A Little Love

Bonus Track:

The Kill Raimis - Christmas Song


Making this is one of my favourite Kooba memories – everyone really through themselves into the production – probably the biggest one we’ve done.

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