Recommended Tracks (2011-2012)

Hermitage Shanks by Mr B

27 July 2011

Here is the new video from our Band of the Month for July 2011 – Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer.

Hermitage Shanks by Mr B:

Mr B is the self styled king of Chap Hop, a genre seemingly invented in the 19th century which shares much in common with the trappings of musical styles more readily associated with the late 20th century. I.e. its funny.

If you have been listening to The Jonny and Alex Show you will be familiar with tracks from Mr B’s debut album Flattery Not Included, but we are now delving into album # 2 – I say. Hermitage Shanks is/was the album’s lead single and it is a genre mangling toilet humour classic. Most British.

I would give it ten minutes if I were you. Ten minutes to recover from the shock and bally-hoo!



Chap Hop is an absolutely brilliant concept and Mr. B is amazing! It’s very reminiscent of the late, great, and much lamented Viv Stanshall, and would have been the ideal vehicle for him.

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