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Is it just me or can you not quite believe it’s summer already? Time has just flown by since the previous The… and Myles Show, so things are in the works to get another instalment out soon.

In mean time, as well enjoying the JY show, you might be interested in checking out some other podcasts, internet radio shows and entertaining personalities that I’ve been listening to recently (they’re half the reason why I’m taken so long with getting shows out)…


Hatty Ashdown’s Silly Radio Show:

First of all in these recommendations, there’s a lady I know called Hatty. Hatty has the filthiest laugh this side Barbara Windsor and is a woman that somehow carries on the Carry On flame just by being herself.

She does few shows for Jnet radio and the best bits can be heard on her itunes site. There is guffawing and giggling aplenty on her very appropriately titled Hatty Ashdown’s Silly Radio Show.

If you’re up for laughs, her shows can be found here:


and here:


Hattie also handles a live comedy night up in London town by the name of Positively Tuesday, so if you ever want to experience her “live” then check it out here:



Jon Hillcock’s New Noise:


The next character of fine calibre is a man by the name of John Hillcock.

Jon is a man that has been on numerous stations from XFM, NME Radio, 6Music and his very own New Noise site, to pump out literally new noise (in the form of top quality music).

Now he might not say this about himself, but he’s a slick, sharp man when it comes to presenting new tunes. He is (as his shows prove) a relentless New Noise machine; with the man holding a reverberatingly audible passion for the music that he finds and plays.

If you want in on this, go to his New Noise blog site: http://newnoise.tumblr.com/





Si Jubb’s Jubbseekers:

The last person in this self proclaimed recommendation of recommendations is the lovely chap Mr Si Jubb.

If you’re a keen listener to Kooba Radio, you’ll probably know Si Jubb from songs of his that have been played on Kooba shows as well as a few of the live performances he’s played for Kooba gigs. But recently he’s taking up podcasting responsibilities with his Jubb Seekers shows.

I think you’ll agree with me in liking what Si Jubb does; he keeps things intimate, he keeps things serious (but not overly). He has a lovely range of music, from classics you should get round to listening to again, and obscurities you should check out for the first time. He also puts in poetry and classic quotes that make each show have a cracking narrative. So I heartily recommend you check out his shows as well.

They can be found here:


and here:



I’m sure you listeners will enjoy those shows and that they’ll keep you pleasantly occupied ’til you hear from me again soon. See you later…

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