Jonny Yeah (2011)

SFX Weekender 2011 – Bryan Talbot and Pat Mills Interview in Full

Be Pure, Be Vigilant, Behave!


I was about six years old and staying with my Granny Marge and Grampa Jack when I saw it for the first time. We’d walked through the village to the laundrette. Mum and Dad had a washing machine at home so this in itself was a bit of an adventure.

Laundrettes smell great, don’t they? Almost as good as Dry Cleaners, creosote and petrol.

After climbing around (and into) a couple of the giant machines, my indulgent Grandmother sent myself and my brother to the newsagent next door with a handful of loose change.

I came back shortly afterwards with two items.



a half-life of 24,000 years...

Ah, Silly Putty. That stuff smelt great too. The thing about Sill Putty is not only can you mould it, and bounce it but back in the day of ink and cheap paper, you could also take prints off of comics with it.

I think it was reading that on packaging of this miraculous material, that made me blow the rest of my petty cash on a comic. 10 pence is all it cost. 10 pence for a comic that changed the course of my childhood. 2000 AD!

I can trace my life-long love of comics back to 2000 AD. Reading it week by week, sometimes on my own, sometimes with my friend Scott Whitlock, I had a real feeling that I was reading something that I shouldn’t!

I loved Judge Dredd, and Rogue Trooper. The Future Shocks were a bit hit and miss (although I remember the FS that was in that first issue – a story about a man who put on a robotic exo-suit which then grafted itself to his body! “IT’S LIKE THEY’RE CUTTING THROUGH MY SKIN” screams our poor inventor as they try to slice off one of the arms…heh heh heh). Never really bought into the whole Tharg thing though – even as a child the thought of a fictional “editor” seemed a bit thin.

The Doc, Jonny and The Prof!

There was one strip which was a stand out favorite.

Nemesis the Warlock.

Kooba has allowed me to meet a good number of legends from my childhood over the years – all of them without exception disproving the saying that you should never meet your heroes. This years SFX Weekender saw me sitting down with Pat Mills (who, alongside Kev O’Neil) created Nemesis and Bryan Talbot who drew the alien freedom fighter in books IV through VI.

You’ve heard an edited version in the Jonny and Alex Show: Stars in 45 (Minutes) now hear our chat in full!


Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

(Listen our for the moment when I ask them had they worked together before rather than will they be working together again spoon – facepalm)

Since our natter backstage at the Con, Bryans been in touch with me:-

“Hi Jonny – You know that Pat has since been given an honorary Professorship? I actually have an honorary Doctorate, so the interview was with The Prof and The Doc!”

He kindly sent me the link to the trailer for Grandville Mon Amour – check it out in all its glory!



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