Bands of the Month 2011

Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer

July 2011

Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer – Band of the Month July 2011

Chosen by Jonny

“Straight out of Surrey
I attack the ball with vigour
With the force I hit yes my score gets bigger
I’m a batsman dear boy and you know this
I’ve marked it on the scoreboard to show this
I’d don’t really mind if you don’t rate these chaps
For their country they got 100 caps
It’s like burglary – a legal definition of batting
With a legal straight arm I’ll send you packing
I’ll whack another boundary in a minute
I find a gap in the outfield, and go and fill it
So if you’re in a deckchair in the from row
You’d better watch yourself because OVER THEY GO!”

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Mr B

From: Harlow, Essex, England

Label: Self released

You know, steampunk has been around a lot longer than you might think.  It first came to my attention as part of the role playing game scene at the end of the eighties.  There’s no doubt its bigger today, almost mainstream.  It seems to have grown hand in hand with burlesque to satisfy our yen for a kind of retrofitted nostalgia.  Aside from bands such as Jarmean, or Rasputina, it never really had a soundtrack for me.  Until I heard of Mr B. that is.

Its one of those ideas that has you face-palming in shock that you didn’t think of it first.  But we didn’t – Jim Burke late of Collapsed Lung did.  The minute I heard the first track from his original long-player, Flattery Not Included, I knew he had Kooba written all over him.

So here it is, laydees and gentlemen – Chap-Hop a loving homage to 78 records and old skool hip-hop.  See him live as soon as you can – as you never know when his beef with Professor Elemental will get out of hand and result in a sedan-chair walk-by shooting.


Doreen Taylor


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